Sunday, January 07, 2007

Pre-Tour rehearsal schedule

The rehearsal schedule prior to departure for Berlin will be as follows;

Sunday 1/7
Rehearsals will be in B20 of Lincoln Hall.
6 pm Dinner (pizza)
7 pm Shostakovich
830 pm Break
850 pm Shostakovich
10 pm end of rehearsal

1030 am Shostakovich
1130 am break
1145 am Shostakovich
1245 pm end of morning rehearsal
1 pm lunch (sandwiches)
(local press will be here to interview members of the orchestra and soloists)
2 pm Brahms with soloists
330 pm break
350 pm Brahms
5 pm end of rehearsal
630 pm Dinner (Chinese)
7 pm Tour information session followed by social activity

Tuesday morning
9 am buses arrive, load buses on East ave in front of Lincoln Hall
930 am buses depart for JFK
330 pm approximate arrival time in JFK begin checkin procedure at Northwest Airline

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