Monday, January 15, 2007

January 15, 2007 - Monday

Oops! Turns out, almost every museum is closed on Mondays. Instead, we went to a palace and the Berlin Zoo. Though one may think a zoo is a zoo, this zoo was unique in that the animals were all impressively tame and warm to humans. There were no high fences holding in the animals - they well separated from the paths by a small trench and a foot-high fence. Zoo personal walked freely among the animals without eliciting any kind of fear in them. In fact, I even got to pet a Mongolian horse (it was fuzzy!), and many other horses promptly came over to be petted.

From the zoo, we could see the victory tower, so we walked through parks and across highways to find it. After doing so, we took a bus to a giant department store, stopping along the way at a McDonalds because one of my friends (Mickey) insisted that getting a "Royale with cheese" (an American quarterpounder) was an experience not to be missed (and I agree!). At the Galleria, I discovered the reason we came - the bottom level was dedicated to candy and chocolate! After much excitement and empty pockets, and being tired and cold after walking in the suddenly-chilly weather, I suggested we go to the TV tower (since the new group I was with had not yet seen it), so we went, ate dinner, and relaxed. It was a fun last day in Berlin and a great way to wrap up my vacation!

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