Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Chamber Orchestra Roster

Here is the String Roster for the Spring semester Chamber Orchestra.
We had our first rehearsal on Tuesday.

Charlene Kluegel, Biology/Music, '10
Adam Sidor, Mechanical Engineering, '08
Meredith Riley, Music
Yvette Wong, Math, '10
Andrea Matho, '10
Kevin Eckes, Biological Engineering, '09
Maurice Chammah, Music, '10
Benjamin Ou-Yang, Astronomy, '10
Adrienne Carey, Undecided, '09
Sasha Wiktorek, A&S, '07
Brightin Schlumpf, Music, '07
Jennifer Hwang, Policy Analysis and Management, '07
Carol Ohh, Engineering, '10
Melanie Jacobs, Psych/English, '09
Sayako Seto, '10
Alex Fe, Bioengineering, '08
Haran Tae, Government and History, '10
Alex Ma, Biology, '08
Lily Hakim, AEM Business, '07
Natalie Pierro, Architecture, '08

Christina Hung, Psychology, '09
Claire Barbasch, Math/Music, '07
Eric Auerbach, Industrial Labor Relations, '10
Dorian Bandy, Music, '10
Jennifer Lee, Biology/Economics, '08
Tina Chen, English, '08
Jason Cho, Undecided, '08

Theresa Tan, Psychology, '09
Abe Katzen, Biology, '07
Ellen Haynes, Animal Science, '09
Brian Lee, Chemistry, '10
Julia Hilabrant, Biology/Music, '08
Isabelle Posey Cutting
Sarah Woo, HE/HBHS, '08

Mike DeFlorio, Atmospheric Science, '09
Aara Edwards

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