Friday, January 19, 2007


As a whole, I think the tour was a huge success. Other than a few minor hiccups (sort of losing a group member, getting locked out of the church…) the whole thing went off pretty much without a hitch. Not only did we get to see some amazing things, but I made a lot of new friends and I think everyone else did as well. The orchestra as a whole will be a lot closer after this, which can only help us musically. Also, we can form a united front to search for the closest equivalent to apfelschorle.


the awkward epiphany said...

hey my brother was just on campus visiting decided if cornell is the plae for do you like it? you read things like "it's the worst ivy school", but being the worst ivy school is still better than being a lot of other different schools i would think.

Laura said...

I love it. Check out for some student perspectives.