Monday, January 08, 2007

Guest bloggers for the tour

We will have a number of guest bloggers who will post to the orchestra Blog during our tour to Berlin.
They are Stephanie Chu(violin), Daniel Jones(piano), Eugene Chang(violin), Laura Whitehurst(violin), Christine Marschilok(flute/piccolo) and Thomas Weber(percussion).

We finished our first phase of the tour with the pre-tour rehearsals in Ithac, NY. We rehearsed on Sunday night on Shostakovich and today we spent two sessions from 1030-1245 pm working on Shostakovich and 2-415 pm working on Brahms Double concerto with our soloists. We wrapped up the two days of rehearsal with information session on the tour itinerary and a showing of Goodbye Lenin.

We also had Robert Barker come to our rehearsal to take photos of our rehearsals. I will post some of those photos when they are ready.

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