Saturday, August 30, 2008

Audition results for CCO

Here is the audition results for the Cornell Chamber Orchestra.

CCO roster fall 2008 - Cornell Chamber Orchestra
In alphabetical order
* denotes principal

Sumona Bhattacharya, Anthropology, '11*
Angela Chiang, Math, '11
Kevin Eckes, Biology, '09
Alex Gribizis, Biology, '12
Elaine Higashi, Biological Engineering, '12*
Kasia Hozer, Psychology, '11
Jonathan Yicon Hsieh, Hotel Management, '12
Charlene Kluegel, Biology/Music, '10*
Benjamin Ou-yang, Astronomy, '10
Tia Plautz, Physics, '11
Victor Tzen, Architecture, Grad
Auriel Washburn, Biology, '11
Aaron Wexler, Biology, '10*

Elbert Chang, Chemical Engineering, '11
Gregory Farber, Biology, '12
Rachel Ann Hatch, Animal Science, '11
Christina Hung, Psychology/Economics, '09 *
Ruth Hannah de Kleer, Linguistics/Music, '11 *

Sharon Driscoll, Biology and Society, '12
Ellen Haynes, Animal Science, '09
Hainlee Hsueh, Electrical Engineering, '09
Brian Lee, Chemical Engineering, '10
Theresa Tan, Psychology, '09
Lawren Wooten, Undecided, '12


Dorian Bandy

Audition results for CSO

Here is the auditions results for the Cornell Symphony Orchestra for Fall 2008.

CSO Fall 08 roster - Cornell Symphony Orchestra
In alphabetical order
* denotes principal

Barabra Bai Undecided, '12
Sejin Bai ILR, '11
Elizabeth N Baker ILR, '10
Kirby Black Biological Sciences, '10
Katherine Bobroske Undecided, '12
Wonhee Cha Veterinary Medicine
Andrew Chen Biological Engineering, '11
Sixing Chen Undecided, '12
Marcus Cerroni PAM '11
Joanne Chua Asian Studies, '11
Thomas Collum, Undecided, '12
Christina Fiorenza Human Biology/Health and Society, '09
Eugena Fung Economics, '09
Tina Hang Economics, '09
Seok Hyun Jin Chemistry, '12
*Julian Kang Chemistry/Biochemistry, '10
Yoon Hyung Kim Mathematics/Economics, '09
Yoonjee Koh Architecture, '12
Hoon Kyo Lee Econ/Info Sci, '11
Sue Hyun Lee Engineering, '11
Kevin Lin Biology, '09
Harrison Lu Chemistry, '11
Joseph Mansky Physics, '12
Mallory Matsumoto Undecided, '12
Ciara McAfee Music
Will Moseson Undecided, '12
Usha Rao Biological Sciences '11
Daniel Rothenberg Atmospheric Science, '11
Katy Sadowski Animal Science, '09
Laura Schwartz Undecided, '12
Alisa Timashpolsky Biology, '11
Carol Tsang Undecided, '12
Yvette Wong Math/Biology, '09
Elaine Zhong Biological Sciences, '12

Eli Bogart Physics, Grad
Andrea Bowring Materials Science Engineering, '11
Wesley Chao Undecided, '12
Ellen Cheong Chemical Engineering, '12
Mikhail T. Grinwald Architecture, '12
Shivani Hajela Computer Science, '12
Jialin Jia Economics, '12
Nick McAfee Music
Mickey McDonald Physics, '10
Kim Mezger Mechanical Engineering, '09
Yoriko Nakamura Biology and Society, '11
*Joel Ong Computer Science, '09
Lora Ulmer Materials Science Engineering, '12

Ryan Allen-Parrot Science of Natural and Environmental Systems '12
Jonathan Auerbach Economics, '10
Isabelle P. Cutting Government, '10
Steven Gu Biology, '12
Liz Hartman Public Admin/Environmental Policy, Grad
Kerwell Liao Biological Engineering, '12
Alexander Mora Engineering, '10
Abigail Needles Hotel, '12
Adrianne Ngam Architecture, '12
Adrian Radocea Material Science Engineering, '11
Eddie Reynolds Engineering, '12
Alexander Sahn Music
Sarah Smith Physics/Music, '10
*Hilary Wattenberger Hotel, '09

Chris Gerig Engineering Physics, '11
Alex Gonzales Grad
David Halpern Music
Sam Shuhan Music
*Laura Spitler Astronomy, Grad
Mackenzie Wallace '12

Rebecca Morrow Communication, '09
*Miriam Nussbaum Linguistics, '11

Shanon Sim Chemical Engineering, '08
*Kit Stone, Science of Natural and Environmental Systems '11
Greg Weisbrod '11

*Jonathan Felbinger Electrical Engineering, Grad
Vance Gao Biology, '10

*Melanie Adamsky Biological Sciences, '09
Jessica Zhao '12

Arthur Barnard Grad
Sarah Edythe Dimiduk Biological Engineering, '11
Amanda Esposito '12
*Kira Gridley Biology, '11
William Violette '12

Anthony Clark Music, '09
*Eric Nathan Composition, Grad

Velthur Franklin '11
*Carl Sieber Chemical Engineering, '11
Sam Worby '12

Alec Story '12

Risa Naka Animal Science, '11
*Adrienne Rosenblatt '12
Thomas Weber Mechanical Engineering, '09
*Matthew Whaley '09

Jake Jungbin Lee Engineering/Physics, ‘09

Stephanie Yoshiko Quach '12

Sunday, August 24, 2008

2008 Orchestra auditions will begin in 13 hours.

Here are the stats for this year's auditions;

2008-2009 Fall auditions stats (updated)
flutes 9 for 2 spots
oboes 3 for 3 spots
clarinet 8 for 2 spots
bassoons 4 for 2 spots
horns 4 for 4 spots
trumpets 5 for 2 spots
trombones 4 for 3 spots
tuba 2 for 1 spot
percussion 4 for 4 spots
piano 4 for 1 spot
violins 67 for 16, 16 in CSO and 6, 6 in CCO
violas 23 for 14 in CSO and 6 in CCO
celli 22 for 12 in CSO and 5 in CCO
basses 9 for 8 in CSO and 1 in CCO

Good luck with auditions.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Poster of for the October concert ready

Here is the poster Alex has been working on for the Planets concert in October.
It looks fabulous!
Great work Alex.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

New date for December concert

An important date change.
December 5th, Friday will be the final concert of the Fall semester for CSO.

Please make changes in your calendars.

bass/cello room is now on the third floor of Lincoln Hall

Hi everyone,

Thank you to Laura, Shanon, Nick, Damien and Jane for helping us move the bass/cello storage room to the third floor. This will solve two major problems we have had in the past years. First it will solve the humidity/temperature problem we have had in the bass storage room. I have had to repair the seams of three basses due to the climate in the old bass storage room. The new bass/cello storage room is in the climate controlled part of Lincoln Hall. The new room is also much bigger. It currently is able to hold two bass racks and a cello rack. This will go a long way in helping solve the cello storage shortage problem in Lincoln Hall.

New Orchestra board positions

* Operations
o Presidents (2) (Social)
o Secretary
o Librarian
* Outreach
o Community Outreach Chair
o Alumni Liason Chair
o Newsletter Editor
* Development
o Fundraising Chair
* Finance
o Finance Chair
* Marketing
o Poster Designer
o Webmaster
o Photographer
* Tour Committee (vary year by year)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

2008-2009 brochure draft

Here are the drafts for the 2008-2009 orchestra brochure.
Please scan them for spelling errors and feedback to make them better before we send them to the printers.

We will have these ready for open house on August 24, Sunday from 7-9 pm in Lincoln Hall.