Tuesday, November 15, 2005

orchestra picnic

In the shadow of Cayuga Lake, on a picturesque Sunday afternoon- in early September, the Cornell Symphony and Chamber Orchestras held their annual picnic at Stewart Park. Members of both orchestras came to this event. For the new members, freshman and upperclassmen alike, it was great opportunity to meet fellow musicians. For returning members, it was a nice way to say hello to friends after a summer apart. It was also a great opportunity to see Cornell Symphony and Chamber Orchestra conductor, Chris Kim without a baton in hand.
The afternoon began with a friendly game of Ultimate Frisbee. Many orchestra members played in the fun game. Those who didn’t partake in Frisbee enjoyed the cool shade on the sidelines. Both teams played hard in the game, and had a great time. After Frisbee, everyone sat down to a scrumptious picnic lunch, which included hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, and cold sodas for everyone.
Following the lunch, some of the orchestra members had to leave. Those who stayed wanted to play a game of badminton. But there was no badminton net around! Instead, everyone played a modified game of badminton, without any net. The afternoon concluded with another game of Frisbee, this time played right on the lake shore.
The picnic was an excellent way to bond with fellow musicians. Activities like the picnic really foster cross-orchestra connections between members of different sections. For example, normally, during rehearsal a bassist would be separated from a first violinist by many chairs and much distance. As we all know, the key to playing good music is listening to other sections. It certainly helps to know who you are listening to. This, in addition to the lovely weather and pleasant company, made the picnic an afternoon to remember.
[from December 2005 Whole Notes by Ariel Waitz]

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