Friday, November 04, 2005

from alumni member Saveri

As I look back at my time at Cornell, one of my fondest memories is playing in the Cornell Symphony Orchestra. Every Wednesday (and during my senior year, Mondays as well), students from a variety of disciplines came together to do what we all loved: making music. Most of us were overachievers in high school and played music in addition to our AP classes, sports and clubs. But we realized in college that the orchestras and bands that we were a part of in high school, in a sense, became a part of us. Playing music became an important aspect of our life during the demanding years of college. It felt so good to take part in orchestra after a long day of classes, homework and other activities. I met most of my good friends while playing in the Cornell Symphony Orchestra. Despite our different majors, colleges, hometowns, and ethnicities, we formed an incredible bond while engaging in music together in orchestra. I sincerely miss my time as a musician of the Cornell Symphony Orchestra.

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