Tuesday, November 01, 2005

First Cornell Symphony concert

The first Symphony concert was on October 16, 2005.
This was a big concert. It featured something new and something old. In David Schober's Split Horizon we featured 6 of the CSO's very own as soloists. Jennie Lavine [Education, Grad] on Clarinet, Rebecca Morrow[Communications, '09] on flute, Stephanie Chu[Human Development '10] on violin, Grace Lee Juan[Hotel Management, '09] on cello Daniel Jones[Music/Physics, '07] on piano and Peanut Wai-Ping Wong['08] on percussion. The piece was originally written for Eighth black bird, a new music ensemble of the same instrumentation. Our very own Orchestra TA, Sean Shepherd, who is also a brilliant composer conducted the Ithaca premiere.

After intermission was Rimsky Korsakov's Scheherazade which feature Alvin Lee[Government, '06] on the famous and extremely difficult solo violin part.

The CSO and CCO are now on a schedule of two rehearsals per week and two concerts per semester.
Here is the poster for the concert.

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