Sunday, September 02, 2007

List of Early music concerts in the Ithaca area

Here is a list of early music concerts coming up, thanks to Neal Zaslaw for this post.

Many of them are free or heavily discounted for orchestra members.

Upcoming Early-Music Concerts in Ithaca

Sunday, Sept 9: Malcolm Bilson, fortepiano: Haydn, Beethoven, Dussek (Barnes, 8 p.m.)

Wednesday, Sept 26: Annette Richards: Frescobaldi on the 1740 Vicedomini organ (Sage Chapel 12:30 p.m.)

Wednesday, Oct 10: Mark Ferraguto, organ: Mendelssohn, Bach (Anabel Taylor Chapel, 12:30 p.m.)

Thurs, Oct 11: Stefania Neonato, fortepiano, winner 2007 Bruges Fortepiano Competition (Barnes 8 p.m.)
Friday, Oct 12: Blaise Bryski, fortepiano: Clementi (Barnes, 8 p.m.)

Saturday, Oct 27: NYS Baroque: The Trout Quintet and other Schubert chamber music with Malcolm Bilson (First Unitarian Society, 8 p.m.)

Monday, Oct 29, Sezi Seskir, fortepiano (Barnes, 8 p.m.)
*Friday, Nov 2: Andrew Manze, violin, Richard Egarr, piano: Mozart & Schubert (Bailey, 8 p.m.)

Sunday, Nov 4: Frédérique Lacroix, fortepiano: Mendelssohn, Schumann, Schubert (Barnes, 3 p.m.)

*Wednesday, Nov 14: Apollo's Fire (Sage Chapel, 8 p.m.)

Sunday, Nov 18: "Harlequin's Capers" with New York Baroque Dance (Bailey, 3 p.m.)
Monday, Nov 19: Cornell Chamber Singers, Holland Jancaitis cond., Lassus, Schütz, Schein (Barnes, 8 p.m.)

Saturday, Dec 8: NYS Baroque, Vivaldi's Four Seasons and other Venetian delights (First Unitarian Society, 8 p.m.)

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