Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Colloquium Schedule

Thanks to David Yearsley, here is the Colloquium schedule for the fall semester.
Some very interesting speakers. You can also check the latest update on the link.(currently it still has the Spring 07 schedule, but it will be updated shortly)

Musicology Colloquium, Fall 2007
Mondays beginning at 4:15pm in 124 Lincoln Hall

September 10: Alexander Rehding, Harvard University: "Screeching Dissonances, Inaudible Quartertones and Enharmonic Furies in the French Enlightenment"

September 17: Malcolm Bilson, Cornell University: "Knowing the Score Redux or
Some Old Recordings and (Possibly) Some New Insights"

September 24: William Rothstein, Queens College and the Graduate Center, CUNY: "La via italiana: The Italian Approach to Nineteenth-century Tonality"

THURSDAY, September 26: Jerrold Levinson, University of Maryland: "Philosophical Reflections on Jazz Vocal Improvisation" LECTURE IN A. D. WHITE HOUSE AND BEGINS AT 4:30

October 1: Charles Kronengold, Wayne State University/Cornell Society for the Humanities: "Presence, Presences and the Present Tense in Modern Gospel"

October 22: Neal Zaslaw, Cornell University: "Mozart the Borrower"

October 29: Rebecca Harris-Warrick, Cornell University: "Reading Roland"

November 5: Rafaƫlle Legrand, University of Paris, Sorbonne: "French Vaudeville
Theater of the Eighteenth Century"

November 12: Lenore Coral Memorial Lecture: Richard Will, University of Virginia: "Mozart's Topoi in Performance"

November 26: David Yearsley, Cornell University; "Princes of War and Peace and their Most Humble Court Composer"

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