Friday, May 05, 2006

Kristin Kuster gets a NYtimes review

Kristin Kuster was a guest composer of Ensemble X during last year's season.
She received a favorable review from NY times regarding her recent performance with the ACO.

"Kristin Kuster's "Myrrha" (2006), for orchestra and chamber chorus (the ACO Singers) drew on Ovid's story of a woman who lusted after her father (the result of being cursed by Aphrodite) and was transformed by the gods into a tree. Stravinsky's shadow is caught hovering over more than a few passages, both in savage, bright-edged chords in the "Sacre" style, and in the ritualistic accent he used in works like "Oedipus Rex." But Ms. Kuster's choral writing has an invitingly tart edge, and she writes commandingly for the orchestra." Allan Kozinn of the New York times.

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