Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Soubre project

CCO will be taking part in the Soubre project.
We will record this "found" piece in March.

Here is Francesca's request.

We would like to invite you to participate in a landmark recording of a
recently discovered work: Jean-Etienne Soubre's "Symphonie fantastique"

Scholars and players have long believed that Berlioz's "Symphonie
fantastique" was the only existing work by that name. However, a long-lost
*second* Symphonie fantastique by the Belgian composer Jean-Etienne Soubre
was discovered this year in an archive in Liege. Soubre's symphony is a
significant find for scholarship, and gives us an exciting chance to
"re-premiere" and record a piece that has not been heard or studied since
1833. For anybody looking for an interesting new line on a CV, this is a
excellent opportunity -- please lend us your time and energy.

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Bo Hyttner said...

dear Sirs. Sterling is a record company based in Stockholm, Sweden. We specialize in orchestral romantics. Please see
We would be more than interested in the Soubre project and would like to issue the work on our own label. We have distributors in nearly 20 countries and can make something out of the discovery.
Would you be interested?
We would take care of all costs from the master and onwards.
I look much forward to hear from you,
all the best
Bo Hyttner