Sunday, February 19, 2006

Roberto Sierra's Mass

We are indeed lucky to have on our faculty Pulitzer winner Steven Stucky and also Roberto Sierra. We were fortunate enough to work with him on his Saxophone concerto last year. His mass which was premiered recently in DC has gotten rave reviews.
Here are some links;

Tim Page from the Washington Post wrote:

...the most significant symphonic premiere in the District since the late Benjamin Britten's stunning War Requiem was first performed in the still-unfinished Washington National Cathedral in the late 1960s ...Mr. Sierra's new work is, quite simply, shockingly brilliant...Despite the Hispanic expectations evoked by the work's title, Mr. Sierra's Mass often relies on classical European musical tradition. This makes his Latino eruptions all the more unexpected and irresistible -- no more so than in this delightful 'Sanctus.'In this section's 'Benedicte,' Mr. Sierra also convincingly breaks the postmodernist taboo against melody, giving his soprano the most achingly beautiful solo we have heard in decades. Chorus, orchestra and soloists then take the 'Agnus Dei' to an emotionally satisfying and redemptive conclusion. A huge bravo to Mr. Sierra for having the courage to invite audiences back to the concert hall by gifting them with something wonderful."

Washington Post review

Review from American Music center

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review from DC examiner

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