Sunday, August 26, 2007

Orchestra audition results

Here are the audition results of the Fall 2007 Orchestra auditions.
First the Chamber Orchestra roster;

Fall 2007 Cornell Chamber Orchestra
Charlene Kluegel, Biology/Music, '10
Auriel Washburn, Undecided, '11
Haran Tae, Government/Psychology, '10
Aaron Wexler, Biology and Society, '10
Kasia Hozer, Biology, '11
Alex Fe, Biological Engineering, '08
Adam Sidor, Mechanical Engineering, '08
Alex Ma, Biology, '08
Sumona Bhattacharya, Undecided, '11
Tim Vo, Biology and Society, '10
Angela Chiang, Math, '11
Andrea Matho, English/Biology, '08
Brian Vaccaro, Biology/Chemistry, '08

Christina Butler, Animal Science, '09
Elbert Chang, Chemical Engineering, '11
Philip Chuang, Materials Science Engineering, '08
Jennifer Lee, Biology/Economics, '08
Claire Barbasch, Math/Music, '07
Michael Lee, Physics, '11

Abe Katzen, Biology, '08
Ellen Haynes, Animal Science, '09
Theresa Tan, Psychology, '09
Ricardo Villarreal, Biology, '11

Trevor Yeats, Grad

Dorian Bandy, Music, '10

The Symphony Orchestra

Cornell Symphony Orchestra Membership for Fall 2007

Violin I
Julian Kang, Chemistry/Biochemistry, '10
Alisa Timashpolsky, Biology, '11
Jian Liu, CS/Economics. '09
Marcus Cerroni, PAM '11
Sejin Bai, ILR, '11
Minerva Ho, China/Asia Pacific Studies, '10
Kevin Lin, Biology, '09
Chanha Carol Ohh, Operations Research, '10
Yvonne Chang, Architecture, '11
Sinsub Jeong, Engineering, '11
Christina Fiorenza, Human Biology/Health and Society, '09
Joanne Yuan Chua, Asian Studies, '11
Benjamin Ou-Yang, Astronomy, '10
Adrienne Carey, French Lit/Comparative Lit, '09
Erin Chu, Biological Sciences, '10

Violin II
Adrian So, Chemistry/Math, '08
Andrew Chen, Biological Engineering, '11
Kathryn Barger, Statistics, Grad
Eugena Fung, Economics, '09
Anna Nickless, Undecided, '11
Wallace Hui, AEP, '08
Jeremy Greiner, Chemistry, '11
Yubo Lu, Law, JD
Michael Chen, Computer Science, '10
Tina Hang, Economics, '09
Elizabeth Baker, ILR, '11
Yvette Wong, Math/Biology, '10
Collin Chan, Operations Research, Phd
Kirby Black, Biological Sciences, '10
Emerson Fang, Biology, '10

Joel Ong, Computer Science, '09
Mickey McDonald, Physics, '10
David Chang, Undecided, '10
Yoriko Nakamura, Biological Sciences, '11
Andrew Shook, Atmospheric Science, '09
Eric Auerbach, ILR, '10
Andrea Bowring, Engineering, '11
Joseph Hamilton, Comparative Lit, '10
Nick McAfee, Music
Kim Mezger, Mechanical Engineering, '09

Brian Lee, Chemical Engineering, '10
Alexandra Pavel, Government, '09
Isabelle Posey Cutting, Government, '10
Hilary Wattenberger, Hotel, '09
Jin Sung Kim, Engineering, '11
Alissa Sexton, Psychology, '10
Adrian Radocea, Engineering/Material Science, '11
Alexander Mora, Engineering, '10
Liz Hartman, Public Affairs, Grad
Alexander Sahn, Music, IHS
Sarah Smith, Physics/Music, '10
Stephen Moseson, Mechanical Engineering, '10
Jason Lee, Biology/Material Engineering, '11
Gretchen Craig, Environmental, '10

Laura Spitler, Astronomy, Grad - principal
Mike DeFlorio, Atmospheric Science, '09
Chris Gerig, '11
Kris Kooi, Music, '11

Janet Vertesi
Stephanie Beth Liff, '11
Sarah Blau, '10

Miriam Nussbaum, Linguistics, '11
Rebecca Morrow, Communication, '09
Alexander Tsiatas, Computer Science, '08
Annie Mulcahy,Hotel Management, '11

Christine Marschilok, Biology, '08

Kit Stone, Science of Natural and Environmental Systems '11
Greg Weisbrod, '10
Shanon Sim, Chemical Engineering, '08

Jonathan Felbinger, Electrical Engineering, Grad
Vance Gao, Biology, '10

Melanie Adamsky, Biological Sciences, '09
Sarah Furnish, '10

Alexander Hong Chao, Computer Science, Grad
Kira Gridley, Biology, '11
Sallie Dietrich, French/Sociology, '10
Sarah Edythe Dimiduk, Biological Engineering, '11
Michael Barany, Math/College Scholar, '08

Anthony Clark, Music, '09

Christopher Mayes, Physics, Ph.D
Christopher Stark, Composition, DMA
Sam Birmaher, Music, '10
Carl Seiber, Chemical Engineering, '11


Ian Chu Chen
Risa Naka
Brian Gainor
Jonathan Rothschild

Jake Jungbin Lee

Congratulations to those who have made it into orchestra.
Rehearsal starts on Monday, August 27 for Symphony and August 28 for Chamber Orchestra.


Anonymous said...


My name is vanessa, my mother works at Cornell University, and has found some personal papers (i.e. SS Card, imagration papers etc.) belonging to Yoriko Nakamura, if you know how to contact please e-mail me at:

thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Never mind I have gotten in touch with her, thanks!