Saturday, June 02, 2007

CCO history : conductors

Here is a list of conductors who have conducted the CCO in the past.
Xak Bjerken
Mark Scatterday
Karel Husa
John Hsu
Edward Murray

I will try to find past photos and articles and make a link.
If you have any info regarding past conductors of the Cornell Orchestras please forward to them to this Blog.

First one is Cornell Professor Emeritus Karel Husa conducting the Cornell Chamber Orchestra in a performance of his Pastoral for String Orchestra, during a music department concert in honor of his 80th birthday in Barnes Hall Sept. 28, 2001.
(Charles Harrington/University Photography)

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Bruce Taylor said...

Karel Husa's Wikipedia bio is pretty comprehensive on his training and compositing activities but is less so on conducting. See:

I played for him in CCO and CSO in 68-72. We had only one rehearsal a week then in each group, and the performance schedule was less ambitious, so it wasn't much of a stretch to do both. CCO membership was selected from CSO by Husa. He was a good, decent man and prepared us meticulously. I enjoyed playing for him. Somehow he got us to sound like a Czech orchestra, with bright string and brass colors.

Probably our most interesting CCO performance under Husa was Scarlatti's Eraclea, an opera that had been lost but that Donald Grout had reconstructed from scattered fragments he found in odd places in Italy. Performance was in honor of Grout's retirement in 1971.

One fact that doesn't come out in Husa's bio is that he filled in for Charles Munch as conductor of the Orchestre de Paris during Cornell intersession in 1968, after Munch died suddently the previous December.