Monday, March 12, 2007

CSO's collaboration with CUMEP


This year, the Cornell Symphony Orchestra has begun an outreach program to give back to the greater Ithaca community. We are most excited about a new collaborative venture with the Community Unity Music Education Program (CUMEP), which provides low cost instruction to youth of limited financial resources. Members of the CSO have volunteered to serve as mentors in this program. Through weekly visits to Beverly J. Martin Elementary School, these volunteers teach students basic skills in individual musicianship and what it means to have music in their everyday lives. We hope to share our passion for music with the youth in this program and inspire them to achieve great things, musical and otherwise. -Melanie Adamsky, Outreach coordinator

Here is the schedule of events;

4/29 Sun 3 pm in Bailey hall
CUMEP will perform a piece on the CSO concert at the beginning of the
CSO concert.

4/28 Sat in B20
30 minutes rehearsal at the beginning of the rehearsal with CUMEP
4/26 Thurs in Statler Auditorium
345-430 pm short performance for President Skorton with the CUMEP students
4/21 Sat 2 pm in Barnes Hall
afternoon rehearsal with CUMEP students
4/17 Tues
regular CUMEP visit
4/9-13 (Ithaca area spring break, no CUMEP visit)
4/7 Sat 2 pm in Barnes Hall
afternoon rehearsal with CUMEP students
4/3 Tue
regular CUMEP visit
3/27 Tue
regular CUMEP visit
3/13 Tues
regular CUMEP visit

Photos to be added shotrly.

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