Friday, February 09, 2007

Brave New Works concert in Williams College

I have been in Williams College for the past two days rehearsing with Brave New works for a concert tonight. Yesterday we had a recording session for two of the composers from Williams College. We have been welcomed by Williams College and have been treated very well. Everyone is looking forward to our concert tonight. The program will include two pieces by guest composer in residence with us Marilyn Shrude. We will perform her Piano trio and her new violin sonata. The program will also feature an East coast premiere of Andrew Mead's Far Cry and a performance of 2006 call for score winner Peal by Phillippe Bodin. The concert will finish up with 2005 call for score winner Black Bend by Dan Visconti.

And here is the video of the performance of Black Bend by Dan Visconti on Google video.

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