Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Concerto competition info

Here is the concerto competition guide lines.
You can also download the form as a pdf from the link.

Important dates;
deadline for application December 4, 2006
Date of the competition January 27, 2007
Date of performance of the winner March 4, 2007

Cornell Concerto Competition Guide lines

The winner will perform with Cornell Symphony Orchestra on March 4, 2007.
Eligibility: All currently enrolled undergraduates and graduate students from any Cornell college and in any major. Must be studying privately with a Cornell music faculty member or faculty-sponsored outside instructor.

Instrument: The competition is open to all orchestral instruments, also guitar, saxophones, piano, and voice.

It is important that the private teacher and the student know ahead of time what the goal or goals of the student’s audition will be. The competition itself can serve either or both of two functions:

1) The first is as a great opportunity to audition for a distinguished panel of professional musicians from the Ithaca area. To fulfill this purpose, the student and teacher are free to select whichever piece is best for the student’s education in the long run, provided the piece adheres to the rules of the competition.

2) The second function is as an opportunity to play a solo with an orchestra or Wind Ensemble. If a student truly desires to win the competition, he or she—in consultation with the private teacher—must take into account the following considerations.
The orchestra part must be playable by the Cornell Symphony Orchestra. No matter how good the performance or the piece is, if it is not playable by CSO, it will not be possible for CSO to award a prize to that student.
The piece should be as highly polished as possible. The judges will not take into account the student’s ability or potential to play well, nor will they take into account the difficulty of the piece, only the quality of the performance at that moment.
It is absolutely critical that each student have plenty of rehearsal with his or her accompanist. Since the winners will have to perform with an orchestra after very limited rehearsal time, they will need to be very familiar with the accompaniment. The judges will be looking for indications of the student’s level of comfort in this area.
Since it will be impossible to reconvene all of the judges, there will be no effective make-up date or appeals process; the decision of the judges on the day of the audition will be final.

CSO strongly encourages students to rely on their private teachers’ experience and judgment when choosing a piece to play for the competition. Teachers who have questions are encouraged to contact CSO directly.

Repertoire: A selection not to exceed 15 minutes of a major work for soloist and orchestra, ONLY single movement or single movement of a larger work is acceptable. Memorization is mandatory. You must provide your own accompanist. Musicians who are unable to provide an accompanist for the live audition should contact Xak Bjerken, no later than December 1. 2006 [ ]

Please complete the enclosed application form. Note: It is mandatory that the applicant's current private teacher signs the application in the appropriate space. No application will be accepted without the approval of the student's private teacher.

Date: Saturday, January 27, 2007
Location: Barnes Hall
The panel of judges will consist of Chris Younghoon Kim, director of orchestras at Cornell, as well as at least two other musicians of professional stature.

The deadline for receiving applications is Monday, DECEMBER 4, 2004. Please mail your completed application to:

Chris Younghoon Kim
Director of Orchestras at Cornell University
Music Department
101 Lincoln Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853
Questions? Contact Chris Kim at cyk8(at) or call 5-8614.

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