Thursday, September 28, 2006

Iraqi National Orchestra

Here is a moving report on the Iraqi national symphony.
A few excerpt from the article;
"The musicians are running out of things like reeds and strings, and few music stores remain open in Iraq, partly because militant Islamists have bombed several. Players must worry about offending fundamentalist militiamen and Islamist neighbors."


"This orchestra represents the real map of Iraq,” Mr. Nasser, 48, said as Mr. Baban lighted a cigarette. “This man is Kurdish, there’s another man there who’s Christian. This is a real national symphony. The ties among us are unbreakable.”


“My wife says: ‘Please don’t go. Life is very bad in Baghdad. There’s a lot of death in Baghdad,’ ” he said. “She tries to prevent me from coming, but I have to come. We can’t survive without music. It’s like oxygen.”

Not being able to rehearse in Bailey Hall during concert week is an inconvenience, but it is always good to remember what others who are less fortunate must go through to play music.

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