Monday, April 24, 2006

Some sound advice

This is from a youth orchestra hand book on;

How To Get The Most From Your CYSO Experience
Come to rehearsals prepared physically and mentally.
You will gain the most from CYSO if prior to rehearsals you;
Have had enough rest
Have eaten properly
Have studied your parts with your teacher
Have practiced your assignments between rehearsals
Use practice time efficiently.
Maximize the effect of your practice with good habits;
Schedule a time during the day when your are not pressured to do other tasks, like homework
Work with your teacher to highlight areas that you need to concentrate on
Be consistent in your practice time. How long you practice is as important as what you practice.
Be focused
Set goals and keep notes on your progress
Use a metronome
Be open to the music at rehearsal.
Come to rehearsal to ‘experience’ the music not just play the notes;
Listen to how your part relates and fits to the other sections
Play as a member of your section and a member of the whole ensemble
Learn what the music is about and what the composer is saying
Think about how the music make you feel and why

Do you use these important techniques?
These techniques are just as important to a beginner as they are to a professional;
Breathe, especially before each phase and allow the music to flow from you
Sing the music to hear exactly how it sounds, before playing it. With your instrument duplicate
what you hear in your mind.
Subdivide the beats and keep the beat even and accurate
Watch the conductor, your section leader and concertmaster. Be aware of cues that give you
dynamics, vibrato, bow speed and placement. Cues are essential to each entrance, tempo change,
accents, and cutoff!
Listen to where you are in the ensemble. Balance your part in the ensemble and your intonation
Sustain your sound in intensity, intonation and quality. This is a skill that takes work to develop,
but one that distinguishes great players. No other player or section can carry your part. You
must commit to follow through.
Feel the music. The ultimate goal of music is the expression of the music through you and your
instrument. Tell the story of the music, your feelings about the music, and share that feeling with
your audience

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