Friday, March 10, 2006

Improvisation concert at the Johnson Museum

So this is a very busy week here at Cornell. On top of the 3 Beethoven violin and piano sonata concerts in Barnes on Thursday, Friday and Sunday nights at 8 pm, on Saturday night will feature both the Wind Ensemble and the Symphony's concert. CSO's half will feature Sarah Rice, the Concerto competition winner performing Lalo's cello concerto and Shostakovich's 9th Symphony. Sunday's Improvisation concert at the Johnson Museum at 3 pm will feature two pieces; John Cage's Living Room music Panopticon. A brief description of the piece follows. Considering all that is going on now in America a very timely piece.

Panopticon for 11 players

This piece takes it's title from Jeremy Bentham's 1791 architectural/philosophical design of the ultimate surveillance system, one in which the "sentiment of an invisible omniscience" oversees the workings of individuals. The presence of the observer is obscured, thus the observed never know when or if they are being watched.

The piece is dedicated to Chris Kim.

Kevin Ernste

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